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The coroner's certificate of death states that the immediate cause of death was massive cerebral trauma. This includes Ruby's unborn child who was removed and hit in the head until dead.

  1. Entrance wound frontal skull: .4cm x .4cm: abraded bullet wipe
  2. Entrance wound right lateral face: contact, blowback stellate wound measuring 1 cm x 1cm; no powder stippling present.
  3. Periorbial Edema & hemorrhage
  4. Curved defect 2.2 cm long on left superior earlobe.
  5. Entrance wound left anterior cheek: .4 x .4 cm circumference: 0.1 cm abraded bullet wipe with sparse stippling in a 9 cm circumference surrounding wound.

  1. Y-shaped laceration of right temporal scalp located 10.5 cm posterior to right lateral cauthus x 5.5 cm superior to right external auditory canal.
  2. Fracture line

  1. 1.2 cm laceration of right front temporal scalp
  2. Abrasions and contusions
  3. 3.2 cm x 1.2 cm curved laceration superior to left eyebrow with a 4.0 cm x 6 cm associated abrasion contusion.
  4. Fracture lines

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