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As part of our philosophy of staying with cases, we’ve provided some of our ongoing investigations down below. If you have any information about these cases, please contact our team at (210) 826-4052. Unsolved Crimes continues to dedicate itself to cases all across the state from our base in San Antonio, Texas.

Who Shot James McVey?

The murder of James McVey on February 25, 1994 is what we call an unorganized murder. James was a low-risk person in a high-risk section of Fort Worth, Texas. Police found him shot and with his face painted blue in what appears to be a gang-style killing. His unidentified killer left his body in the open, not even trying to move or hide it. A bloody footprint and expended bullet casings were left at the scene by who we believe to be the murderer. The killers had time to stage the scene, but because of the total darkness, they stepped in blood. We’ve also determined that James was alive when his face was painted because tears were present in the paint. The truth is still out there, and we’re steadfast in discovering it.

The Murder of Jimmie Sue Smith

On June 23, 1981, young Jimmie Sue Smith was tragically murdered. Home alone, she went outside to sunbathe after telephoning a friend to come join. When her friend arrived, however, Jimmie Sue was nowhere to be seen. Band-Aids™ were scattered on the kitchen counter, which we learned is from a cut on her elbow. Her mother, who arrived home a few hours later, said "It felt strange for the door to be locked." Police found no signs of a struggle, but did discover her bathing suit rolled up and soaked with urine at the edge of her bed. So many questions remain about her unidentified killer, but we’re confident a breakthrough is just around the corner.