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Investigating Cold Cases

Thousands of murders go unsolved each year. The files sit in police departments all across the country, while families wait hopelessly for answers. The team at Unsolved Crimes pulls these cases out of the archives and brings them to the top. Our investigators go through and reexamine all material, with no bias. You want answers, and we strive each day to find them. All of our crime investigations are performed by Find Anyone™, a licensed private investigation firm here in San Antonio, Texas.

Utilizing Advanced Techniques

When it comes to digging up new leads for unanswered murders, you need the latest technology. We constantly see cases that stopped cold because the police or investigators didn’t have the means to keep going. With sophisticated computer technology, crime photos are enhanced for new leads, background data is gathered, and group meetings are held to obtain a range of ideas and input. We have an extensive variety of volunteers working with us, including private investigators, handwriting experts, psychologists, and legal advisers.

Providing Closure

When tragedy strikes a family, not knowing the truth compounds their suffering. That’s why we believe in involving the bereaved family to the extent we are able to. Experience has proven that bad news is often easier to live with than no news. You’ll find that we always strive to assist the family in the most compassionate way possible.

Assisting Law Enforcement

True justice must go through the law. Unsolved Crimes therefore updates the appropriate law enforcement agency of our crime investigations, always keeping in mind what’s best for the families affected. In recent cases, our information led police to dig up cases, find missing bodies, gain enough evidence to extract a confession, and eventually make arrests.