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About Our Dedicated Founder, Charlie Parker

Unsolved Crimes started from the passion of its founder, Charlie Parker. After spending his younger years in law enforcement, he left to pursue a business career. More than 25 years later, following the death of his former Nueces County Sheriff Partner, Charlie took up the mantle of justice again. He became a licensed private investigator to spread compassion. Since then, his humanitarian work has been featured on a number of national media outlets, including “The Today Show,” “The Late, Late Show,” “America’s Most Wanted” and was also featured in the world renowned documentary "The Imposter"

About Our Secretary-Treasurer, Carole Crouch-Parker

Our team is nothing without our devoted Secretary-Treasurer, Carole Crouch-Parker. Following several career paths, she landed on a business partnership with Charlie Parker. After watching from the sidelines for several years, she slowly began to find herself caught up in Charlie's passion for justice. She is now a licensed private investigator and handles our recordkeeping, scheduling, and fund-raising. 

Message from the Founder

The suicide rate in the United States has tripled in the last three decades. About 100,000 Americans less than 25 years of age attempt suicide each year. From that number, 5,000 of them succeed. Suicide is the third leading cause of death in youths between 15 to 24 years of age, and the fifth leading cause of death in adults aged 25 to 64 years. In total, nearly 30,000 Americans commit suicide each year. Our website is for those people who felt they didn't get an adequate investigation for their loved ones’ case.

Many small towns, and some large ones, have inexperienced coroners who are elected and not trained to make life and death decisions on a daily basis. Many of these cases could have been ruled an accident or even murder. It is our belief that many so-called suicides are in fact murder or accidents. If you have lost a loved one and question the ruling of the death, let us put the case on our website in an effort to get authorities to look into the matter again. If we feel it is a true suicide and rule it as that, please accept that we have used all of the skills available to us in that decision.