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We believe we can solve old murder cases because of the advanced technology we use. Our committed private investigators strive to give people the answers they are searching for.

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As part of our goal, Unsolved Crimes features some of its current cases until they are solved. Please read about our investigations to see if you or someone you know has information.

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The work we do is not possible without your help. Consider making a gift for yourself or in the name of a loved one today. Justice reaches many more families with your donations.

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Finding answers for families affected by violence.
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So many people never get the justice they deserve. Their cases go unsolved for years and their families are left to wonder what exactly happened. Unsolved Crimes in San Antonio, Texas, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting families who have lost a loved one to violent crime. Thousands of murders stay buried in file cabinets, and we seek to bring them back into the light. New technologies and improved methods prompt many new leads. We often see cases advance and even be solved.

Our founder started the organization after forming a group of psychiatrists, forensic artists, and others interested in discussing cold cases. After solving our first case, we knew this was our mission in life because of how it granted closure to a family. That’s why we include the affected families as much as possible. We have seen grief slowly dissipate as the survivors begin to take an active part in dealing with their tragedy, rather than remaining an isolated victim.

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